You only make ‘own goals’ when your goals are out of sync

Goals of an Organization and (or versus) the Goals of its Management

In a healthy organization (a small business, a multinational, and even an individual person) goals are reached when and only when the goals of the organization and the goals of its management are in step.

J.J. de Jong once told me an appealing vision: he said that any organization can be viewed as a globe, with its management occupying one spot on its surface.

That seems right. Influences (both Orlicky’s “vital few” and his “trivial many”) come from without and within. There are external opportunities and threats and internal strengths and, weaknesses.

De Jong went on to say that the goal of management is continuity of the organization.*  THE goal. Continuity.

What happens when that is not the case, when a top manager can pick up $10 million for ‘losing’ and getting fired?

De Jong needed a qualifier there, his dictum applies only to healthy organizations.

*He also said that management’s task is to use the resources to achieve the goal, that the management process is intermittent on each task, and that management capacity is very restricted. He added that the exercise of management is holistic, not financial and suggested reading R. Ackoff, Designing the Future; J.F. Mackworth, Vigilance and Action; Churchman, The Design of Inquiring Systems. This was in 1977 and these texts are still not obsolete, being about humans and not about technology.


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