the person

‘Reynolds is a knowledgeable, hardworking, and feet-on-the-ground IT consultant, totally committed to his tasks. He is good at both conceptualising and execution. His interpersonal skills are good. Reynolds brings to the job solid competence and experience in modern IT, creativity, perseverance and optimism.’

Alan Reynolds lives in the Netherlands where he worked for Shell Research. The quote is from the general manager he reported to until retiring and beginning a quite different second career.

Convinced that effective information systems benefit people, their organizations and the world environment, and seeing so many examples of how things go wrong, he continues his interest in helping use information technology better.

He has provided cost-effective consulting, planning and project management that assists companies in gettting return from their IT investment through recognising and achieving a proper balance of:

  1. requirements
  2. technology and
  3. organizational culture.

He does not sell hardware or software, and sees where people are often sold much more than they need while using it less well than they need to. His prime value to organizations is independent advice and practical help to get maximum benefit from their information systems. The emphasis is not on technology but on what people can do with it to improve performance.

His objectivity, broad experience, and analytical skill can help people achieve the potential benefits of installed and planned systems:

  1. conducting value-oriented reviews of policy, organization, procedures and methods to identify current problems and opportunities
  2. investigating causes and recommending solutions for serious IT problems
  3. catalysing change especially where resistance has grown up
  4. mediating internal conflicts about how to approach IT questions
  5. recommending appropriate actions and helping if desired in implementing those recommendations
  6. providing temporary assistance to supplement local skills for short-lived and cyclical needs
  7. advising and arranging for systems that help people save time and perform better with better-organized information
  8. contributing valuable insights where less information technology is better
  9. showing how to use IT to reduce the total cost to collect, process and display information.

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