the site

They say that the reason for a web site is to drive business to your enterprise.

This raises questions:

  • What is the enterprise behind Only (the) Tech Changes?
  • What kind of business is wanted, or even thought about?

Difficult questions when the reason for starting this site are evolving. Perhaps it will be a place to post insights gathered working with people and their information systems. Perhaps a resting place for things found wise or amusing. These may end up in Daftnitions, this site’s page for deft and daft definitions.

I know what started the idea for this site: deep frustration and unbelief at seeing so many information systems, especially those in governmental circles, waste so much time and money and opportunity and then, in the end, FAILING.

It seems such a shame. It is such a shame. And almost every time one of these systems fails, be it England’s online medical-records adventure or Holland’s police communications system and on and on and on and on, we already know how to diagnose the problems that made them fail.

So perhaps this blog is about finding ways to mitigate current systems failures and help at least a bit towards scoring more successes.

Alan Reynolds


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